Monday, April 12, 2010

{Final Playdate}

Cayden and Catrina have been friends since Kindergarten. They have been in the same class every year. Sadly Catrina is moving away, not super far but far enough. So we planned one last playdate for them. We decorated cookies, played dress up, had dinner and even did some homework together. Cayden already misses her lots. We hope to visit her in the summertime.

Friday, April 9, 2010

{Vancouver LDS Temple Open House}

Our Temple is Finally COMPLETE. We are so excited to invite our Friends and Family to visit the Vancouver LDS Temple in Langley for the next 2 weeks for tours before it is dedicated. It is a beautiful building inside and out. I know that there will be many memories made at this House of the Lord.
If you are interested in taking a tour all the information is HERE.

I have been a member of the Church for 15yrs, and I never thought this day would come. We are so blessed to have a Temple only 15 mins from our front door now. We use to travel to Seattle, the nearest temple, about a 3 hr drive and had to cross the border which would sometimes add an extra hour to the travel time. This will allow us to attend the temple more often and regularly.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Treats for the Mr. E. Bunny

Another Great Easter Morning.
Treats for the Kids.
Seriously looks like more than it actually was. LOL
Mr. E. Bunny left us breakfast. THANK YOU BUNNY
Treats for the Classmates.

Little man LOVED the treats that were left for him.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

{Dinner for Fool's}

We got the kids good with this one. CUPCAKES for Dinner. I thought Cassidy was gonna pee her pants when she thought we were having cupcakes.
So perplexed

In reality they were NOT cupcakes but Meatloaf, VERY yummy meatloaf I might add.Funny how they started to eat them just as they would a real cupcake. FINGER in the Icing.

Evan decided to go straight into licking the icing off.