Friday, February 20, 2009

{Bumper Cars and Cousins}

My Cousin and her daughter were in town and it just so happened to be Jorja's birthday.
So they invited us to Castle Fun Park.
The kids were very happy to have the Bumper Cars all to themselves.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

{Star Jumps and Motorcycle Landings}

The preschool field trip was much anticipated in our home. It did not disappoint. She had a blast jumping, balancing, landing and summer salting the time away.

BFF's and Mr. E who is going to be just one of those brothers that hangs out with his sisters friends. Uh Oh!!
This his her Moooooommmmmm! Stop taking my picture pose.Poor Mr. E could not understand why he could not play too.

A fun way to spend the morning!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

{Valentines Part 2}

Part 2 of our Valentines Weekend. We started with a nice dinner together on the night before Valentines. Hubby picked up a Lasagne, salad, olives, Cranberry Juice and Sprite. The kids really like our special dinners.
Valentines EVE Dinner.
Flowers from My Eternal Valentine.
Popcorn for the kids Movie. While darling Husband gave me a much needed back massage.

Valentines Day Morning the kids got a special breakfast with heart shaped pink pancakes.

Treats for my Lil Valentines
Valentines Breakfast

We then suprised them by taking them to the movie theatre. They knew nothing until we got there and the oldest said "I don't want to go in" until she realized we were here to SEE a movie. Then she was all smiles.
Very Happy Kids.
They enjoyed there kids packs.

Mr. E's First Big Screen Movie Experience. He really enjoyed it especially since the movie was filled with funny dogs. We saw "Hotel for Dogs". It was very cute.

And that was our Valentines. Hubby had to go to work Saturday Night so we packed in as much as we could before he was gone. It was a great Valentines.

Friday, February 13, 2009

{Valentines Part 1}

The kids LOVE giving out Valentines and this year was Lil C's first time being able to do so. We of course had to do something special for the teachers as well. My Husband was a lil confused as to why i went to the lengths i did to get something for the teachers. I just feel like they are very very important people in my children's lives. They spend a good portion of the day with them and teach them the things that they need to know. They deserve a little appreciation now and again. Plus it teaches my kids to be thankful and giving to those that are in there lives.

iPod Valentine for Grade 2. Made with a box of Conversation Hearts.
I got this idea from Family Fun.
Butterfly Valentine for Pre-schooler.
Heart Nail Filer kit and Chocolate for Pre-school teachers.
Hand Sanitizer for Grade 2 teachers. What teacher could NOT use this in the classroom. ;-)

Heart Braids!
You can't see it but i sprayed some sparkles in there hair as well. This is alot easier than you might think. The Braids hold there own so no bobby pins are needed. Just elastics.
So that is Part one of Valentines Day!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

{More Zoo Zoo Zoo}

The Darling Husband was away all weekend for Scout Training and work so I had to get the kids OUT. So we packed up some snacks and off to the zoo we went. The animals were SUPER friendly coming right up to the fence to say HI.

The Girls had there skooters to ride as we went around the entire zoo.

This Peacock was standing guard outside the reptile exhibit and was not letting anyone IN or OUT. He did eventually move out of the way long enough for some of us to get by. Let's face is his HOME not ours.

The kids loved this Donkey, especially when he started to talk to us.
We had to take a picture of the Buffalo since we recently got a Buffalo Webkinz.

My plan worked. I wore the kids out for a little bit anyway.
After the zoo we rented Kung Fu Panda and had a movie night in my bedroom.

{Ending the Chore War}

Here is an article I came across about getting your kids to help. Some good advice and some repeat advice that is good to hear again. We have always had our kids help out from an early age with little things... like putting garbage in the garbage can and dirty dishes in the sink. It teaches them responsibility. My 2 yr old boy will go around the house singing "Clean Up Clean Up, everybody do your share" over and over while putting his toys away. Very Cute.

Hope you find the article helpful for all you moms and dads of young and not so young kids.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

{Frozen Hot Chocolate}

No Fuss Fabulous posted this delicious looking treat. Very intriguing. I think I might just have to try making this one. I mean REALLY it is CHOCOLATE it must be good.
This is something that a restaurant called Serendipity in NYC sells.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

{Cutting Back}

In this time of economic hard times. We find ourselves trying to Reduce our spending and save save save. Watching Oprah today has motivated me to do this post. Now on Oprah the show is geared towards Americans and not all the tips could be utilized here in Canada. BUT, through what I KNOW, here are my tips to help save some money. And please comment and leave your tips as well.

1. COUPONS - Come on people swallow your pride and CLIP THOSE LIL money savers.
There are two sites I like to check out to help in this category. and

On you select your province and then the coupons that you would like. They then send them to you in the mail. Great lil money savers.

On you can view all the weekly flyers in your area and get a sneak peak at some money saving coupons.

Also, wait for those great $30 off coupons at Superstore. Also at the beginning of the month Extra Foods offers a % discount when you spend $25, $50 or $100. Use those, there is no point in paying more when you don't have to.

But discounted bread that expires in a few days. You can freeze it or if you are like my family it will be gone well before that expiration date.

2. Turn off those lights. I tried turning the heat off but we just froze and the savings were very little but turning off the lights and unplugging appliances can save you much more and you won't catch a chill. ;-)

3. Take un- necessary stuff out of your vehicles. All the extra weight can really suck back the gas tank. Also make sure you keep up on your oil changes. (Use a coupon or do it yourself)

4. Household Cleaners - Instead of purchasing those EXPENSIVE cleaners which are also harmful to the environment and our water. Make your own. Vinigar and Water can do alot of tasks. Also Olive Oil and Lemons, Baking Soda and more. Give it a try. Google it.

5. Bundle up your Cable, Phone and Internet Plans to lower your cost.

6. Plan your meals a couple weeks at a time. If you are prepared then you will not over spend. Also, EAT AT HOME. Make going out a special once a month thing. (USE A COUPON, there is no shame in that.)

7. Buy no name when you know it is just as good as the name brand.

8. Shop locally for produce, you will save tonnes. And in the summer can fruits and vegetables for the winter. That will also save you a bundle. You can also use some of your yummy canned creations as Christmas Presents.

9. Entertainment. It does not always mean you have to spend money. Play games at home with the family or invite friends over to play some games. Go for a walk or to a park. We purchase a yearly membership to the zoo for our family and go roughly 15 -20 times a year. Which equals out to costing us about $7-$10 a visit for our family of 5 soon to be 6. Not a bad way to spend a day and bring a bagged lunch.

10. Shop Discount Stores like Liquidation World, MTF, Value Village and Dollar Stores. You can find some great cheap alternatives for Birthday Parties, Valentines Gifts, Stocking Stuffers and MORE. Oh and shop CRAIGSLIST, wow have i gotten some great deals off that site. My entire living room set only cost us $125. My girls bunkbeds $100!! Try them if you have not yet, it is a great resource and you can also sell the stuff you don't want.

So there you have just a top ten of things off the top of my head of ways we can save money. Even if you do not have money issues and you are living comfortably just think of how much MORE money you can have by following some simple tips. Why spend more when you don't have to?

Ok I want to hear about YOUR money saving tips and tricks. Leave a comment before you leave my blog.

* Just got an email with this great website. Thanks Sue!!