Thursday, August 28, 2008

{Underneath it All}

Well a fellow blogger Heather D White did a post about this.  I thought it was a sweet idea so hear it goes.

As moms we spend so much time taking care of the kids and the Husband that MOST of the time we are not as done up as maybe the general public sees us.  For me most days i have day old makeup on and my hair looks pretty well, Blah. So here I am last sunday morning just before I did myself up for church.  FYI this is photo is unedited.

AFTER (much better)
Note:  The bath toy on the counter, the TP not on the roller.  YEP that is my house. lol
And Here is a funny one for all my wonderful blogging buddies out there.
Seems to be the thing to do these days.
Pucker Up Baby!!
So there ya have me in all my glory and me spruced up.
YOUR TURN NOW!! I dare you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{PNE - Pacific National Exhibition}

Dad and Luda invited us to go to the PNE with them and of course we could not resist. Sean could not come since he was working. boo hoo. I was a little nervous taking the three kids without him but it went great. We were able to see The Peeking Acrobats, Iams Superdogs and the Toontastic Parade. The kids played a couple games and we ATE cause that is what you do at the PNE. Grandma and Grandpa really spoiled us with lots of yummy treats.

Even the last three hours of rain did not drive us away. We got VERY wet but had lots of fun. Thank goodness for CROCS.

Peeking Acrobats, they were amazing.
My lil Poser, Check out her outfit...she picked it out, she is such a lil fashion girl.

Iams Superdogs. Mr. E's FAVORITE. Wuff Wuff.

Mr.E's first meeting of a carebear
Lunch Time. We actually managed to find this QUIET spot to eat.

mmmmmmmmm a must have at the PNE.

Me and my Girls.

Brand new baby chicks.

She had to have both colours.

ONE BIG COTTON CANDY. She was pretty impressed with this one.


Monday, August 25, 2008

{Happy BIrthday}

My Darling Husband celebrated his %$'th birthday last weekend. So we invited our friends the Palfrey's over to my Dad's for an overnight campout. Fun Fun Fun. Sean's brother Chris and his daughter Evelyn also came but could not stay over.
We had Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and the best chip dip and bean dip around. We sang songs around the fire and stayed up late talking. It was such a nice night. Some of us got a good sleep, while others had to contend with children.

Sitting around the campfire.
"The Hook" story. The kids love it when Sean tells this story.

Happy Birthday Dear!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

{Beijing 2008}

We missed the first week of Olympic coverage as we were away on our Holiday. But we sure did enjoy the second week. The spirit of the Olympics is so awesome. I love the hype, the tension, the determination and the excitement. Canada has never been the greatest at the summer olympics but this year we were able to surpass the last with our 18 medals.

The whole time I could not help but feel the excitement towards the winter Olympics which will be held here in my neck of the woods. We hope to be able to attend at least one of the events. I remember the when the announcement was made. I was at work sitting at my desk and a lil WHOO HOOOOO rang through the office. We always seem to fair much better at the winter olympics and I am sure with them being held in Vancouver the drive will be all that much more stronger for our Athletes.

Congrats to all our Canadian Athletes and there accomplishments at the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008.

This picture was taken on our vacation. There was a sand castle contest at the resort
we stayed at.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{Family Vacation}

This is gonna be a long one with lots of pics.  So sit back and enjoy.  We have made it a tradition to do a one week camping trip each year with my husbands family.  This year we went to Ol Macdonald's Resort in Erskine, Alberta.  Great place to stay.  

Our Family
What do you do when stuck in traffic.  Take Pictures.
The line up of cars and trucks.
The reason for the 1hr plus back up.
Uncle Dave and Mr. E.

Ready, Set, SERVE.
mmmmmm Sushi.  I made sushi one afternoon for a treat.  Dave Loved it.
Brothers and Sister


Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller Alberta.

I was so thristy.

Up in the Largest Dinosaur in the world.

Time for some Seadoo fun.  Thanks to Carly for her recent purchase.
Aunty Carly is the COOLEST!!

Oh ya I look goooood on a Seadoo.  Something to save for definitely.

Sean has found a new passion.
Me and my Niece Evelyn
One tired lil boy.
The Lake was awesome you could walk out forever and it would still only be waist high.
The guys spent one morning golfing in Alix.

HA HA HA inside joke.

Sleepy girl she did this on two nights.  Fell asleep sitting around the campfire.

Snapped a pic of me and my Mother in law while packing up camp.

We had such an awesome site.  We were double booked so they gave us the ENORMOUS group site 8 for the same price.  It was our own little hide away, no one bothered us, we set up a badminton court.  We had so much fun and the best part is we did not have to worry about the kids at all as there was no cars passing by.  Just AWESOME.

So that is our week long camping trip in a nutshell.  We had a tonne of fun and made some good memories to share for years to come.