Monday, July 28, 2008

{Lake Day}

A day at Aldergrove Lake with friends.  I love summer time.

This summer, i have never been so busy.  I am trying to keep the kids as busy as I possibly can.  Monday has been BEACH day but our usual White Rock was not ideal on this day.  The tides were working against us.  So I decided Aldergrove Lake was a nice alternative so I gave Angie a call and we went from there.

Aldergrove Lake is only 10 minutes from home if that.  It is a man made lake.  As a kid we called it ahem the "Aldergrove PEE hole" mainly due to it's BROWN colour.  Now that I am older and wiser i know that it is brown from the sand.  I am sure there is some ahem... pee in the mix but the water is tested several times a day.

All in all it is a very fun way to spend a HOT day.

{Aldergrove Days}

I love this town.  It is just the right size, has that country appeal and sense of community.

We headed to the annual parade on a beautiful sunny Saturday Morning.  The kids love going to parades especially Mr. E.  He loves guessed it, FIRE TRUCKS.  They were the highlight for him.  The girls were happy that there were no clowns this year. lol

We like to call our town ROCKING GROVE!!

Anxiously awaiting the Fire Trucks.  They were LOUD!!
Mr. E has a soft spot for his sisters.  He just loves them to bits.

Of Course what is a country style parade with out the riding lawn mowers.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

{A Humbling Change}

Well we got the call this morning.  Can you come in early to church to meet with the Stake President?  Suuuurrrrre.  Now whenever you get this call you know changes are a coming.  Well changes did a come and in a big way.

Sean, my husband, has been serving in the Stake Sunday School as a counsellor for about 18 months now and as the Gospel Essentials teacher for our ward.  I am the Cub Leader for our ward.  So we were not to sure what direction this meeting was gonna call as they asked for our family to come in.

So Sean was asked to go in first so we knew right then and there that it was all about him.  We figured maybe he was gonna be called as Stake Sunday School President.  So he was released by the stake president and then I was called in with the kids.  Now for the big one.  The Stake President then extended the call to Sean.  "We would like you to serve in the capacity of second counsellor in the Abbotsford 2nd ward Bishopric."  uh ...come again.  We both had these SHOCKED looks on our faces and immediately we both welled up with tears.  It is a calling that comes with Huge responsibilities with overseeing a ward.  It was an extremely humbling experience to say the least.

The Stake President spoke with us for a bit to counsel us so that we understood the calling.  He then asked me how I felt.  Ha, oh man i was so emotional I could barely get any words out.  But I said "I am very humbled and will support my Husband with any calling that he is extended"  Stake President then assured me that with this calling will come great blessings for our family and that I am to aid Sean and to help give him input into decisions he might be faced with.

For those of you that know my dear husband Sean know what kind of man he is.  He is the most non judgmental person i know.  He is very humble and loves the gospel completely.  He is an amazing father and has such a kind spirit about him.  He was raised in the church by loving parents.  His mother instilled wonderful gospel values and I know un doubtably she had a lot to do with the man he is today.  I love him so much and I know that he will serv with sincerity and love.

It means alot of adjustments for our family, but we will make it work.  We are doing what we feel our Heavenly Father desires of us.  We both have strong testimonies of the gospel and pray that we will feel the love and support of family and friends.

So the rest of the day was just a blurr.  Sean was called and asked to join them on the stand.  As he walked up there i thought "Here we go"  It took about 10 minutes and then Mr. E realized Daddy was not sitting with us. UH oh  "HERE WE GO"  Mr. E just could not understand why he could not run up and sit on Daddy's lap.  So up and down up and down and up and down again i was taking Evan out into the hall way.  I must have burned at least 2pts during Sacrament meeting lol.  The girls were great and basically coloured the entire time.  Mr.E is gonna take some time to get use to this new set up.

To top of the day I was subbing in Relief Society and was teaching the lesson this week.  My brain was just mush by that point but i pulled it together feeling not as prepared mentally as I was the night before.  The lesson went good and I hope that the sisters could feel the spirit as much as I did.

Now some of you might be wondering what the heck is she talking about.  We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.  If you wish to know more visit

Thursday, July 24, 2008

{Tractors and Candy}

A day at the park became quite the observation.  Thursday we headed for our weekly park trip with some other sisters.  This time it was just me and Erin F.  Which was nice, gave us a chance to chat it up and enjoy a very subdued park.

Well boys will be boys.  As we were chatting it up we glanced over and saw THIS.

Our boys, with the same name, sitting on the grassy hill watching the fascinating Tractor.
As it went around the field the boys needed to satisfy there curiosity and get a little closer.
The driver was GREAT, every time he passed the boys he gave them a wave and the boys would turn to look at us as if to say "DID YOU SEE THAT"
After the park we went to Old Clayburn Village where they have an old fashion candy store.  Can you say HEAVEN for the young and old.  With little ones at toe we had to make this trip quick as little toddler hands were getting into EVERYTHING.

One Content lil boy.  Hmm this would be a great advertisement for Dentist. ha ha 

{Swimming Lessons}

This year i decided to get the lessons done at the beginning of summer instead of the end like last year.  Still debating putting them in another run.  It is so wonderful (thanks Tricia), to have an outdoor pool only a 5 minute walk away.  The kids really enjoyed there lessons this year, and i enjoyed sitting pool side in the afternoons.  But after 2 weeks straight every day i am glad to have a little freedom back.

Way to go my little Sea Urchin and Sea Lion!!

July 7-18, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

{Chillaxin at the Waterpark}

I love this waterpark and it is only across the street.  So convenient.  After the Dairy we made a stop at the waterpark to cool down before my kids had swimming lessons.  YES, this park has it all.  Playground, Outdoor Pool and Waterpark.  Perfect!!

Look at our beach babes!!

July 17th, 2008

{Birchwood Dairy}

A nice way to spend a Sunny afternoon.  We headed to the Dairy for lunch and ice cream.  Nothing beats FRESH dairy. mmmmmm.  
We were joined by the Palfrey's and the Olson's and Momma Noftle.

All of our kids
Mr. E is in LOVE.  He just adores tractors, trains, emergency vehicles and basically everything boy.
She thought it was AMAZING that she could pet the horse.

Noah loved the blue ice cream!!  Check out that face.

MMMMMMMM Vanilla!!
Say "Ice Cream"

July 17th, 2008

{Share a Memory}

This is a fun one.  I would love to hear some memories that we share.

Here is how it goes.
1) You leave a comment on my blog and in your comment you mention a memory that you and I share. Big or little. I don’t care. Heaven knows I’m not particular about memories. I can barely remember what day it is half the time so you could probably make something up and I’d go along with you on it.

2) Repost the instructions on your own blog and see what memories come back to you in the comments.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

{Stanley Park}

Last weekend we did a trip to Vancouver's World Renown Stanley Park.  It truly is amazing.  IT is a GIANT park in the middle of downtown Vancouver.

We love the views and the great sea wall that surrounds the park, perfect for a bike ride with the kids.  Except for the occasional RUDE biker or roller blader that expects EVERYONE to get out of there way, it was pretty good.

Watching the sea planes take off
Gosh I love my girls!!

Spray Park fun located about 1/3 of the way around.

Relaxing and doing some beach combing.
Me and my Love.
I love this picture of the girls just relaxing and catching some waves.

It was a fun day!!

FYI my little girl just informed me as she is looking at the pic above that the water is really gross.  Ha ha they hated the taste for the salt water, just like there mother.  I will NOT swim in the ocean for that reason.  I will walk in it but NO SWIMMING lol.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

{My Hair Stylist}

My Oldest is becoming quite the beauty queen.  So she decide to try her hand on me.  She spent a good 10 minutes on my hair getting it just right.  So I snapped a couple pics.

It is just not enough to have ONE butterfly clip, we must oh we MUST have TWO.  She was so proud of her creation so I wore it for a couple hours. tee hee.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

{Zoo Time}

Another trip to the zoo. We purchased our years pass once again. The zoo is only minutes from our home and we even like to go in the winter time. The kids just love it and never seem to grow tired of it...YET!!
Another trip to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!! How about You You You!!
The Kids never get tired of seeing all the animals at the Zoo!!