Thursday, May 29, 2008

{Old Stomping Grounds}

Last weekend we made our way to New Westminster to enjoy the International Hyak Parade. It is a great parade smack dab in the middle of Historic New West. Surrounded by beautiful homes and Old trees lining the streets.
More BFF's
Mr E LOVED the parade he waved at EVERYONE, especially the Princesses. lol

We lived in New West for 5 yrs when we were first married and my hubby was finishing school. It was a time filled with wonderful memories. We lived in an apartment building with our best friends above us and below us. It was awesome and then only 1 block away were more best friends. We had so many good fun times there as newlyweds. Now if we could find 3 houses for sale beside each other it would be perfect. ;-)

So we could not resist going to the parade and being re-united with good friends minus one who moved to Alberta. ( who is welcome to come back ANYTIME)

After the parade we headed to City Hall for some FREE fun. First we enjoyed some lunch and then some games. The kids loved the Trampolene.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

{A walk in the park}

Pure Sweetness!!
No clouds could keep us away we decided we were gonna have some fun and that is just what we did. We love going to Mill Lake. There are 3 parks that we can hit while we walk around the entire lake. (it is not a big lake lol).

Like Father Like Son

We almost always start at the BLUE park. So we waited there for Grandpa and Grandma to show up to join us for the fun. The girls had there bikes and we were on foot. We saw some fish, birds and squirls on our trip. About 1/2 way around the lake at one of the parks it started to rain. SOOOO, we all piled in the little train in the playground and waited for it to pass. It was very funny, we had some snacks and some other kids looked at us a little funny as we huddled in our train. The kids loved this idea. It was such a fun afternoon of making memories.

{I Scream you Scream...}

New Sun glasses picked out by my of so stylish 4 yr old

Nothing beats a trip across the boarder for some YUMMY ice cream and CHEAPER gas.

{Hannah Montana}

The anticipation for a Surprise from Mommy!!
Yes we have girls are CRAZY over Hannah Montana. So in true mommy fashion I had to of course get me girls her CD so we can play it OVER and OVER and OVER again in the Van. Oh my, my girls already know most of the words to most of the songs. But wait, they don't just love Hannah Montana, they also LOVE Miley Cyrus. So it begins, I just hope i can keep up with my kids musical interests.
Thank You AIRMILES!!