Tuesday, April 29, 2008

{My kids can surprise me}

Ok after a day of battling the NO's and I don't want to's my kids can still surprise me.

The day was about trying to get my kids to clean there room. Oh the chore of it all. Hey they messed it up they have to clean it up.

Well we had dinner and to my surprise my oldest started to do the dishes all on her own. Come again. Yep all on her own. I was so impressed. Now while she is doing the dishes my middle child is upstairs as i type cleaning her room. WHAT after an entire day of battling NOW they listen. I guess it is good that they chose to listen to me SOMETIME today. YAY!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

{Doing the Dishes???}

This is how we get the dishes done in our house. tee hee. My girls were having a bath upstairs and Mr E needed one so the kitchen sink was just right for him. It is actually very nice bathing your babe in the sink. No bending over tee hee. Plus he can do the dishes at the same time.


It does not matter how much time passes we can still have a good time together. Dear friends Tammy and Tracy were in town for the Sun Run so we got together for our must have SUSHI.

They live in Calgary and although we are seperated by the rockies us girls still know how to ROCK IT. I have Known Tammy for 13 years now and Tracy for about the same. (They are the 2 sitting across from each other in the back). They brought a friend named Amber who was really nice and then Heather and Tricia also came out. The laughs were endless and the... ahem lady talk was bountiful. Complete with a creepy man looking over the hedges to spy on us. YUCK!!

It was nice to catch up. Kid count I think is 18 between the 6 of us. CRAZY eh.

Monday, April 21, 2008

{Shower Gift}

I made these as part of a shower gift for my friend Erin who just had her third baby. We can all use some thank you cards after a baby.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"How many colours"


I was so tempted to cheat and do it again lol.

{Hair Cut Time}

This would be Mr. E's second time to a salon but the first time was with daddy and did not go so smoothly. Plus my boy's hair grows soooo fast.

This time Mommy took him and made sure that my friend Tara could do the cut. Mr. E sat so well he was not thrilled about the whole thing especially the water bottle spray. He was not squirmy though just kind of sat there with the look of disgust on his face. "Mom what are you letting this woman DO TO ME"

Once it was all over we managed to get a smile out of my new little man. Isn't he just adorable. I sure love him.

{Safety First - Why a purse is CRUCIAL}

Purses are CRUCIAL. That is right you heard me. The items in a women's purse could SAVE YOUR LIFE.

I learnt this at a recent Relief Society Enrichment night. If there was an emergency or natural or not natural disaster the items in your purse can become very useful. I shared this information with my girlfriends on one of our girls nights.

Let's think about what could be useful:

Lipstick- Used to write a message on a car window or other surface
Lip Balm - With an excellerent and tissue can be used to maintain a fire
Tampon - used as a bandage
Quarters - Used to make a phone call on a pay phone since they will be the only phones working.
Socks - to keep your feet or hands warm. ( don't laugh 2 of us had socks in our purse)
Candy - good to suck on when in a stressful situation and to help keep your sugar levels up.
Mirror - start fire or signal help
Medication - Cause you NEED it
Tissue - to start fire or use as first aid
Eyeglasses - Start Fire or signal help
Toothbrush - For fresh breath lol JK
Hair Band - Tourniquet
And there is SOOOOO much more.

Take a look in your purse and see what you have in there.

BIG purses are best cause when they are empty you can put them on your head to keep warm.

I need a bigger purse, time to go shopping!!
Tricia wins the BIG purse award

See ladies, don't ever let your hubby's make fun of your BIG purse carrying all sorts of stuff. tee hee. You are doing your part to be safe and to "BE PREPARED"

{First Loose Tooth}

Bye Bye baby tooth.

Miss C lost her first tooth a couple weeks back. I forgot to post about it so here it is. She was so excited to put it under her pillow and see what the tooth fairy would bring.


The tooth fairy left: 1 package of sugar free gum, a certificate signed by the tooth fairy, $6 and some fairy dust.

Friday, April 4, 2008

{They are BACK}

Oh ya those boys are a blast from the past for me. I was in LOVE with NKOTB. And if you don't know what that stands for you were NEVER a true fan. The concerts, the posters, the teen magazines. Oh Oh Oh the memories. Me and my Girlfriend Trish thinking if we could only meet them we knew they would FALL IN LOVE with US!!.

They have just announced there Reunion. What's that? Yes there REUNION.

I think i even still have my old concert t shirts. WOO HOOO my daughters can now wear them . teehee.