Saturday, March 29, 2008

{Easter Morning Baskets}

The kids woke up and found a trail of Jelly Beans from there room and down the stairs into the living room to find there baskets. EEEEEEKKKKKK!!! could be heared at the most highest deciple. sp?

Little C's

Mr. E's
Miss C's

The Bunny had a nibble before getting to work!!
Yummy Bunny Pancakes

After some morning Easter fun it was off to Church for the True meaning of Easter. We came home after and spent the day relaxing. It was a good day!!

They also had lots of fun with the gifts that Grandma and Grandpa Buchanan sent them. THANK YOU!!

Phew now i think i am all caught up on my blogging for the time being. YAY!!

{Saturday Easter Fun}

Part 1 of our Saturday was going over to Grandma and Grandpa Turcotts for Brunch and a little Egg Hunting. The kids were beaming. We had yummy eggs, muffins and fruit salad.
Part 2 was over at Grandma and Grandpa Daignault's House. Upon Arrival we found the yard full of BUNNIES, each hiding a little chocolate treasure. We then went inside and found the sneaky bunnies had been inside too. We had some more egg hunting and then a very yummy Turkey Dinner.


Thinking he can maybe do a better job than Mrs. Bunny!!

Grandma's Easter Placemat/Napkin/Cutlery holder combo. Very Cool!!

{Winter Camping}

Good Friday in deed. Daddy took Miss C winter camping to Hemlock Mountain. Little C was suppose to go but she chickened out at the last moment, I think she is just still a little too young. So off they went for a bit of Father Daughter time.

They brought a tent this time as the temps were just a little to warm for snow caves. They spent the day doing some snowshoeing and sledding. Had Tin Foil Dinners and warmed up by the fire before bed time. not so into the WINTER camping idea. ;-) But happy to send the rest of the troops off for some winter fun.

It was nice to have them come home safe and sound.

Friday, March 28, 2008

{Crazy Hair Day}

It was her first CRAZY hair day so we did not hold back on this one. She told me she wanted a pony tail with lots of braids so that is what she got. I can not believe i sent my child to school looking like this lol. CRAZY!!

{How fast they learn}

I have a hard time keeping my little guy away from the computer. Guess he takes after his mother. I often find him assuming the postion with his two little hands on the keyboard typing away. He thinks he is doing some important work as he bables and points at the screen. It is quite cute.

{FHE Idea}

Once a month we get together with our dear friends for a combined Family Home Evening Lesson. For March I did the lesson. I read a story from the FRIEND magazine to the kids called "The Big Jar". They listened very well for being all under the age of 6, that is 8 kids under the age of 6 between our two families. The story was about how we can speak kindly to one another in a way that makes others feel good about themselves. Then, each family got one of these jars. During the week they were to write down kind things that they witnessed or did and then put it in the jar. Then they could review them the following week.

It was a fun way to reinforce the lesson. After the lesson it was off to take over the McDonald's play center. WOO HOO we literally take up the enter space as other families join us for dinner and play time. The kids really look forward to this once a month and so do us parents.

Monday, March 17, 2008

{Happy St Patrick's Day}

Well today was the first official day of spring break YAY!! Just in time the car broke down so i am without a vehicle for the time being as my DH has to take the van. sniff sniff. So we had a lazy day. To the kids surprise this morning a leprechaun had come by at night and must of dropped some of his gold coins. The girls were pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, no pictures right now but i will get my act together soon.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you ALL. May you have the luck of the Irish.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

{I am still here}

I have not forgotten about all of my blogging friends. I will be back at it soon. For the time being I thought I would share one of my favorites.


I absolutely LOVE this clothing line. They make mainly shirts and bathing suits, but what sets them apart is that they make them to COVER THE BUM. lol Ladies you KNOW what I am talking about. There shirts are fabulous for layering and to help the today woman be modest. Man, I should sell this stuff. lol. I have bought so much you think I own the company. okay maybe not THAT much.

Anyway take a look and check them out. I do have a personal shopper so if you would like her name let me know. You get a 5% discount from her. ;-)

I PROMISE I will start blogging more.