Sunday, January 27, 2008

{Until we meet Again}

Tonight at approximatley 6:00pm pacific time. President Gordon B Hinckley, Prophet, Seer and Revelator for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints passed away at the age of 97.

I was baptized 2 months after President Hinckley was sustained as the president of the Church. So he is truly my prophet. He was so loving and compassionate. He did so much to build up the church, even most recently hand picking the site for the Temple that is too be built 15 minutes from my home.

When he spoke you listened. He had the most sweet sincere kind voice. He had a testimony of the gospel that you could feel. He loved the Savior and in turn aspired to do all he could to be like him. He had a remarkable life and accomplished many wonderful things. If you want to read more about this beloved prophet you can click here.

He will be missed but I do not morn him, for he is now rejoicing in heaven with his Wife. I am sure very happy to be rid of that Cane of his!! lol ;-) His sense sense of humor will be missed the most.

At the end of his addresses he always said "Until we meet Again". Now we are saying Rest now our beloved prophet Until we meet again.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

{We do not miss SCHOOL}

I have not blogged in so long. My apologies to my readers. My DH has been taking his occupational first aid course. He has to get re certified every 2 years. It is a very intense 3 week course. Tue, Thur and all day sat. Well he had his last class and exam today. YAY. He passed with FLYING COLOURS. 100% on his oral and only 2 wrong on the written. That's my man. But, through all this we realized that we do NOT miss the school thing. Ugh. I have practically been a single mom for the past 3 weeks and let me tell you i have a new found appreciation for you single moms out there. WOW I am tired. lol.

Anyway, so the other day i had to take some card swaps to someones home and decided a trip to Ikea was needed. I LOVE that place. So myself and the two youngest kids tooted around, made a few purchases. I got some Live bamboo chutes. I LOVE them they are such a nice accent to my mantel.

After the shopping of course we had to stop for the hot dog and drink. We were sitting down and Evan was getting fussy and thirsty so i took Cassidy's juice and gave him some. Cassidy looked at me and the conversation went something like this:

C - "Mommy get Evan his own cup cause he can't have any of mine that is stealing"
M- "It is not stealing it is sharing, Stealing is when you take something that is not yours and you did not have permission to take."
C - "well you did not ASK me if he could have some of MY juice"
M - "lol you are right Cassidy, I am sorry"

She is a quick one that is for sure.

On the way home since it was a BEAUTIFUL day out, bright sunshiny day, I decided to drive by our temple site. WOW, I was shocked to see how busy the site was. It was just a buzzing with activity, and road workers. It is progressing nicely and I could not help but feel emotional. It is going to be an amazing addition to the area. Cassidy "It sure does not look like the place we came to in the summer for our picture mommy" Mommy "Nope it sure doesn't"

Sunday, January 6, 2008

{The Ariel Party}

My Girl LOVES The Little Mermaid aka ARIEL. She was her for Halloween and just loves anything Ariel.

So of course her party would be themed after her.

There were Ariel Goodie bags with a necklace, wand, bracelet, ring, treat, crayons and a sticker. We used the Little Mermaid Colours, Purple, Emerald Green and Red.

Thanks Grandma Turcott for the GREAT Cupcake Cake

We played find the dingle hoppers, Crab walking and Freeze Dancing.
The kids did 2 crafts, Bead Bracelets made with Pipe cleaners and Beads. The second we made Paper Jelly Fish, the kids loved these.

We had the music from the Little mermaid playing in the back ground using my NEW Ipod ;-).

It was a very fun party and the kids were kept busy.

She was sooo pooped from the day her and Grandpa had a nap on the couch. How Cute.

So this ends my birthday season run. All my kids have there birthdays in the winter. Nov. 10, Nov. 25 and Jan.3. Phew DONE!!.


{Happy Birthday 4yr old}

My littlest girt just turned 4 on January 3rd. WOW

She could pick anything for breakfast that she wanted and she wanted PORRIDGE. lol I know and not just any Porridge, GRANDPA PARKER's Porridge. It is a combination that my Husband grew up on that his Grandpa always made. So her wish was granted and she had porridge and chocolate milk of course.

Then, she got to pick her dinner as well and so we had Burritos. I attempted to make her a cake for her Birthday DAY!! She thought it was wonderful.

She opened some presents from Grandma and Grandpa Buchanan and from her siblings and from us.

She had a good day.

{New Year's Eve, Day and Skating 2008}


New Years Eve we had our annual family party. The Price's, My Dad and Luda and Brother in law and niece came for the night.

We had our FONDUE as usual, but this year we also did the chocolate fountain. mmmmm.
WE did a countdown for the kids at 9:00 and then off to bed they went.
The grown ups then had there party. We brought in the New Year together in our living room and played Nintendo Wii. We at this point do not own any gaming systems unless you count the recent purchase of a Leapster. ;-) It is just something we prefer not to have in our home at this time. Soooo once a year the Price's bring over the latest and greatest as MR.PRICE works for EA Games. We always have fun challenging each other. ;-)

This year my resolutions are:
#1 To Scrapbook again, I have not done so in way too long.
#2 Get COMPLETLEY organized in regards to my home.

New Year's day we got up and had a lazy morning, but in the afternoon we went for a walk at Mill Lake. It was nice and the kids enjoyed playing in the park and riding there bikes.

After the trip to Mill Lake we went Ice Skating. This is something we did last year as well. Our Church rents out the arena for 2 hrs and everyone is welcome to come. So the kids strapped on the skates and off we went. We had lots of fun except some I think were just pooped out from all the New Year's Fun.

Mr E had the best seat in the house. Comfy in the wagon, he actually fell asleep in the wagon.

Well another year has passed and I am looking forward to all that 2008 has to offer. Best wishes to you all in this New Year.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

{Christmas Day}

Now things did not go as planned this year. MY PLAN was to get up in the morning and we would open our stockings and Santa Gifts, then have breakfast, then open the rest of the presents. WELLLLLL.... We woke in the morning to giggling little girls. We came down stairs to find the stockings COMPLETELY opened. Now I love watching my kids open there stockings, makes me happy lol and I love to see all there excitment when they see the tree full of presents. Well it took me a bit to get over this one, but we still had alot to open so i got over it...kind of. I still get all teary thinking about it.

So we let them play with there stalking stuff for a bit then let them open there Santa Gift and some of there other gifts too. We breaked for breakfast and then continued on opening more gifts.

It was a wonderful day and we took our time opening up the gifts. Here are some of the pics from the day.

Santa Gifts. Santa always wraps his presents in special PERSONALIZED paper.

The PONY she HAD to have.

Present from Grandma And Grandpa Daignault. She LOVES this wedding dress.

My little guy loves his Red Fire Truck from Grandma and Grandpa Daignault.

Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Turcott's

I also got some very nice gifts. My darling Hubby got me my IPOD (80gb) that I have been wanting for the past 2 years. YAY. I love it. Now I just have to figure out how to get a movie on it. He also got me all the accessories for it. (docking station, chargers, transmitter etc)

My Dad got me the Cuttlebug. LOVE IT, can't wait to start playing with this great toy. Thanks DAD.

Some other great things I received were a craft tote, 12x12 paper trays, Victoria Secret bath collection, Columbia Sports Jacket, Handbag, Scabble Game, and lots of other great stuff. We also recieved some money in which we have purchased a memory foam bed topper soooooo Comfy Cozy.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by those you love and care about.

{Twas the night before Christmas}

Every year we make Poppy Cock and deliver it to our friends and neighbors.

My matching boys, and we did not even plan that.

Jammie Time. Aren't they soooo cute. I think this picture is hilarious with the TV in the background.

Story Time. Every year my dad reads Twas the Night before Christmas with the kids just as he did with me when i was little.

Time to go to sleep. We had my girls and there cousin all sleeping on there bedroom floor in there blowup sleeping bags.