Saturday, December 22, 2007

{Mommy Knows Contest}

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Monday, December 17, 2007

{12 Days of Christmas Day 1-3}

Our family is receiving the 12days of Christmas. It is the first time we have EVER had this. It is so much fun to see what little treasure we will receive each night. The kids love hearing that knock on the door. Man, whoever it is is soooo FAST. WE have not caught them yet, hence we have NO IDEA who it is. So if you read this. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Here are the first 3 things we have received:


{Happy Birthday Tricia}

Well she finally did it she turned 30. YAY!! So what better way to celebrate than by LYING to her. tee hee. She milked the birthday thing all week. But little did she know there was a BIG surprise in store for her.

We had a surprise party for her planned so the ploy was... I invited them for dinner and then we were gonna go to a movie after. So dinner we had and then I made a story up about how I needed to go to our clubhouse cause i forgot something. TEE HEE. So i say "Come with me" and she does and VOILA we have a SURPRISE!!

We had a fun fun night of yummy food and "SERIOUS" Karaoke.

{Sushi YA YA Sisters}

We went out for our ANNUAL Christmas Sushi Dinner. We do this every December and exchange gifts as well. We went to a place in Downtown Vancouver. It was FABULOUS. There is a small grill that lets you cook your own meat. Along with all the GREAT sushi it was wonderful.

Great Friends, Great Food, Great Time.

K, are you really gonna eat THAT!!!

{Early Gifts}

I have known Lois since I was just little and she is sooooo generous to us and our children. She spoiled my children, they could hardly believe all the wonderful things they received. It was a fun afternoon. THANK YOU LOIS and TIM!!!

This is the gift that I made for Lois and Tim!! I love this quote.

{Pancake Breakfast with Santa}

Santa made a special visit to our school, along with it being PJ day. We had some yummy pancakes and finished just in time for school starting.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

{Ornaments for Sale}

I have some Handmade Ornaments that I have sold at craft sales. If you are interested in purchasing some just send me an email or leave a comment.

COST : $5.00 or 2/$8.00
Shipping and Handling extra

Monday, December 3, 2007

{Crafts, Snow Day, Cuddles}

What Weekend.
Friday night was a girls craft night. We made tiles.
Saturday the snow started and did not stop until Sunday evening. Church was canceled and residents in our area were asked to STAY home and off the roads.
Sunday we went out for a walk in the snow and E was soo pooped by the end of it all that he fell asleep on daddy.

My Girls

My Guys

{Birthday Breakfast}

C got to pick her breakfast on her Birthday Day. Guess what she picked? Chocolate Chip Pancakes of course. It is a family favorite.

Happy 6th Birthday!!

Later that night we had a Turkey Dinner and Uncle Chris and Evelyn joined us.

{Happy Birthday}

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweetheart.

Oh course Tinkerbell was the theme.

We made bracelets.
Played pass the wand.
Found the pixie dust.
Daddy shared some magic tricks.

FYI a fun and easy way to make bracelets. Pipe Cleaners and Beads. It saves having beads falling all over the place.

{Disney on Ice}

Nov. 23

I surprised the girls with Disney on Ice Princess Wishes. I kept it a surprise from them until we walked through the from doors of the Collisium. They could hardly believe it PRINCESSES EVERYWHERE. As we walked through the doors my oldest turns to me and says "Thank you mommy this is a GREAT surprise".

Grandma Luda came with us and the girls were spoiled all night long. Go BIG or Go HOME right. It was a fairytale. I let the girls wear there Halloween Costumes to the Event and I am soooo glad I did since ALL the lil girls were dressed up.

Of Course when Tinkerbell came out my oldest literally LEAPED out of her seat. Then Ariel made her appearance and lil C had a look of contentment. She was soo taken in by the whole thing.

Anyway, it was a very FUN MAGICAL evening. Thank you Disney on ICE!!