Tuesday, September 25, 2007

{We have been Framed}

I found this AWESOME frame at Liquidation World about a year ago. I always new it had great potential and I knew what I wanted to do with it. Procrastination got the better of me. Well NOT ANYMORE, on Saturday I finally finished it. I am sooooooo PLEASED with the way it turned out. I love the colors and the Picture is my favorite one of our family. Now I just wish I bought more of these frames which were only $6.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I can hardly believe that I actually won something. Thanks to MOMMY KNOWS a great blog. For the month of September she is giving something away every day of the week. All you have to do is leave a comment.

It is a great blog and I enjoy reading her posts so check her out. Here is my prize. I am can't wait to get it and put it on MR.E.

PS: Keep reading I have done some blog updating tee hee.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

{Go Canucks Go}

A treat on Monday night. My DH got some Hockey tickets from work for a pre-season game against the Ducks.

So my dad babysat the girls and my girlfriend, the amazing Angie, watched MR. E for us. The girls had tonnes of fun with Grandpa. He took them for a walk to A&W for a root beer float which only come in one size... LARGE. The girls loved it though and could not wait to tell us. Mr.E did fabulous with Angie, but of course he would she is an amazing mother and I love her dearly.

Took us about 90 minutes to get to the game, battling that rush hour and downtown traffic in Vancouver. We arrived in our seats with about 30 seconds to spare. We had fun, the game really picked up speed in the third period. Even though we lost in sudden death overtime. Hopefully we will be so lucky to get tickets again in the regular season. I love going to hockey games. The energy in the building is so amazing.

Anyway, I will be cheering our team on this coming season from my living room unless someone has some tickets they want to give away tee heee. Anyone? lol

{Mr.E's Girl Miss A's Birthday}

Mr.E's girlfriend had her 1st birthday on Saturday. They are 2 months apart and me and her mom are best friends. We had a great time at the ROCK STAR party complete with punked out hair.

Check it OUT!!

{Birthday Backtrack}

I promised to post about my surprise concert that my hubby took me too. He took me out for dinner and then to the Red Robinson Theater to see the Rankin Family. I love Celtic music so it was perfect. They put on a great show. The Rankin's are from Cape Breton and are great Canadian Musicians.

Here are some pics from our night.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

{Terry Fox Run}

Miss C is participating in the Terry Fox Run this year to aid in raising money for Cancer Research.

Most of you know who Terr Fox was. My USA friends may not so for them here is a letter that Terry wrote to get support for his run:

The night before my amputation, my former basketball coach brought me a magazine with an article on an amputee who ran in the New York Marathon. It was then I decided to meet this new challenge head on and not only overcome my disability, but conquer it in such a way that I could never look back and say it disabled me.

But I soon realized that that would only be half my quest, for as I went through the 16 months of the physically and emotionally draining ordeal of chemotherapy, I was rudely awakened by the feelings that surrounded and coursed through the cancer clinic. There were faces with the brave smiles, and the ones who had given up smiling. There were feelings of hopeful denial, and the feelings of despair. My quest would not be a selfish one. I could not leave knowing these faces and feelings would still exist, even though I would be set free from mine. Somewhere the hurting must stop... and I was determined to take myself to the limit for this cause.

From the beginning the going was extremely difficult, and I was facing chronic ailments foreign to runners with two legs in addition to the common physical strains felt by all dedicated athletes.

But these problems are now behind me, as I have either out-persisted or learned to deal with them. I feel strong not only physically, but more important, emotionally. Soon I will be adding one full mile a week, and coupled with weight training I have been doing, by next April I will be ready to achieve something that for me was once only a distant dream reserved for the world of miracles – to run across Canada to raise money for the fight against cancer.

The running I can do, even if I have to crawl every last mile.

We need your help. The people in cancer clinics all over the world need people who believe in miracles.

I am not a dreamer, and I am not saying that this will initiate any kind of definitive answer or cure to cancer. But I believe in miracles. I have to.

Terry Fox, October 1979

For those of you who do not know his journey ended in Ontario Sept. 1 1980 when the cancer returned. He died in 1981. But his vision continues...to find a cure for cancer. Last year 2 750 000 students at 8000 schools participated in this annual run. Millions have been raised.

I am proud to say that Miss C will be participating in honor of those we have lost and in hopes that we will find a cure.

If you would like to donate go to www.terryfoxrun.org If you would like to specifically donate to Miss C's school you can email me to get that information.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

(Sweet Act of Service)

A story that I just had to share.

Tuesday is Recycling Day. Each morning we put the blue bin on the curb and the truck comes to pick up our recycling. So this Tuesday I got up took my daughter to school then walked back home with my other 2 kids who are still not school age. My 31/2 yr old girl wanted to ride her bike. We just did the hole big sister hands down her bike to little sister. So needless to say little sister is SUPER excited to have BIG sisters Princess Bike. So of course, i let her ride for a bit. Then the truck starts to come down our way to pick up the recycling. Well, lets face it they really DO NOT CARE about our blue bins OR the placement of them AFTER they have dumped the papers in the truck. We live in a townhouse complex so as they come down our row tossing the bins back to the curb, actually they NEVER get BACK on the curb but lay beside the curb in the road way.

The truck leaves and that is when the most kind little act of service takes place. My SWEET little girl hops on to her shiny princess bike that she is so proud of and proceeds to ride down the row to each units home. She flips the bin right side up and places it on the curb dusts her hands by slidling them past each other with so much satisfaction. She then hops on her bike and goes to the next one and continues to do so until all the bins are back on the curb, which is the PROPER place.

It was such a kind little act and one that NO ONE who lives here will know about except for me and her, or perhaps anyone that reads my blog, but you get the picture. I wish I had a photo of her doing this but my story will have to do. A simple story for a simple act with great meaning.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

{Happy Birthday to ME}

Yes TODAY is my birthday and just needed to put in a quick post so that EVERYONE KNOWS. lol. I will fill you in on the surprise concert my hubby took me to on Friday.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

{First Day of School}

What a QUICK summer. Time to head back to school and we are all ready. Ms. C is so excited for Grade 1. I think she is most excited about eating her lunch at school. lol. Last week me and Ms.C went shopping just the two of us to pick out some shoes, a lunch kit and some cloths. Our first intention was to cross the boarder to the US and head to Target, but after one HOUR in the line up to cross Cayden said "mommy lets just go to a different store it is OK!!" So we headed to Walmart and Superstore. Ok my little girl LOVES shoes we were seriously in the shoe department for like 40 minutes. She found her indoor shoes very fast but the other pair took some time. Then we went and picked out some shirts and then off to the next store. We found the lunchkits and we had yet another DECISION to make, we make a fine pair, we both over think things. lol. So with some influence and advice from me she picked out her lunch kit.

FYI: She is wearing the NEW outdoor shoes, still not too sure about them but they are cute.

The first day was only for 90 minutes so I stuck around the school in the library talking with the other moms. She was so cute sitting at the big girl desk. The first week they are in the Grade 7 class room and then next week they will be placed in there permanent classes. Ms. C was quick to get re-aquainted with her friends after probably what seemed like forever to her. Mr. Frise is her teacher for now.

The second day of school was a full day, her FIRST full day. I packed her lunch with lots of yummy stuff cause i did not want my baby to STARVE while away from me. Thinking of it now I should have taken a picture. She had a sandwich, juice box, fruit leather, Raisins, grapes and a yogurt. When i picked her up from school she came out with a silly look on her face and said "Mommy, I ate all my lunch at snack time!! I DID NOT KNOW giggle giggle. But that is ok i still had my juice for lunch." Silly girl, so today we went over what was in her lunch and I explained what she had to choose from for her snack. She said "Ok mommy I will remember this time." Too Cute. So on her second day of school I asked her what she did. I was very curious about her 5 1/2 hrs away from me. sniff sniff. She did YOGA and had a lesson about manners and visited other classrooms. She was very excited about the yoga. She showed me all her new yoga moves.

I must admit I miss my baby. The 11:30 mark came when i usually picked her up and it felt strange thinking about how i still have 3hrs before seeing her again. It is nice to have the ROUTINE back though, I thrive on routine and so it is great to be back at it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

{Osoyoos, BC}

Every year on the Labour Day long weekend, which is the last weekend before School, we head up to Osoyoos. We love the campsite and the outdoor fridge we use on our site.
Each year our set up grows and evolves, this year we had a string of Tiki lights woo hooo.

Our friends the Price's are there and my Dad and Luda come as well. We are camping only steps from the lake and love our time there. We basically Eat, Swim, Sleep, REPEAT. It is wonderful and a great way to end the summer. Our Final HORAH!!

This year we went for a quick drive to Oroville which is just across the line in the US. It is a VERY VERY small town but we enjoyed taking a quick peak.

All in all it was a fun trip if you don't mention the fact that my little E did not want to sleep at night but would rather SCREAM and wake up the entire campsite. OH my that was a challenge but we got through it. The night we got home he slept PERFECT and was back to his old self. I think he just REALLY likes to be at home. KinD of like his MOMMY.