Tuesday, August 28, 2007

{Happy Birthday Dad}

August 18th - Happy 60th Birthday DaD!! We had a big party to celebrate. Dad knew that we were doing a party but what he DID NOT know is who we had invited. In the end there were over 50 of his family and friends.

My Darling Husband did a great job on the BBQ. We had Chicken, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

{Zoo with Friends}

I am so behind one again on my blogging. Blame on having too much fun in August which leaves very little time to blog.

August 15th - Zoo with my dear friend Tracy. She was visiting from Alberta.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

{Justin King ROCKS}

All i have to say is this guy is amazing. I saw him last night at the LDS Music North Festival. He was amazing. This video is not from the festival but one that is on You Tube. He did a great show for us.

There were lots of other great local artists that performed but I must say this guy was a show stopper.

Justin King - Knock on Wood

Friday, August 17, 2007

{Just Pictures}

Ok here they are, the pics from my time missing in action.

THIS WAS FUN FUN FUN!!! The neighbor rents these out but let us have a go with the inlaws visiting for FREE.


My sweet boy was so content sitting at the picnic table that we ofter forgot he was still sitting there.

My girl always ready to give me a smile.

Me and My Father in law


My Girl showing off her sea shell.

My Sister inlaw who looks more like my daughter than i do...go figure.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

{Missing in Action}

Ok this is for all my stalking fans out there whom I love dearly.

I know it has been way too long since I blogged. The last week and a 1/2 have been busy. My in-laws from Manitoba were out for Holidays and so we were busy getting our house ready for there arrival and also for our 4 days of camping.

We had lots of fun. We started the camping on Monday and went to Friday Morning. The weather was not the greatest but at least it did not rain us. We had quiet the set up let me tell ya. We had 4 sites all together in a row tarps and canopy's, it was the cutest little community. lol.

On Day 3 the sun poked through so we headed to the water. We all braved the cool tempatures and brakes in cloud to jump in the water. That night we all got SWIMMERS ITCH. YA, that will teach us. NOT FUN, we all looked like little kids with chicken pox, and very itchy. We did have fun though. Friday we packed it all up and came home to do some laundry, have showers and take naps.

Saturday we spend the day in White Rock at the beach. The tide was out so we went for a nice walk out to look for sea shells and other creepy crawly's. I feel bad for all those little snail things that I unavoidably stepped on. OUCH.

Sunday i took my SIL Carly to the airport as she needed to work on Monday, while the rest stayed to drive home. We all went to church to hear Sean give his talk which he struggled with all Saturday night and Sunday morning. But, It all came together nicely. After church we headed home for more naps and dinner.

Monday after everyone left I broke out in HIVES. I have never gotten HIVES before, yuck. They are finally going away but not FUN at all.

It was a great visit with the family and something that we are doing every year. Next year we are talking about going to Waterton, Alberta. It is so beautiful there and thought that would be a nice 1/2 way mark for everyone.

Now you might be asking, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?. Well My camera is missing in action also. Not sure where it is at the moment but I think maybe at my dad's house. So as soon as I find it and upload the pictures I will post them.

I missed all my blogging buddies this past week, it is taking me a while to get updated on you all. tee hee