Tuesday, July 31, 2007

{Our Eternal Family}

For Family Home Evening we went to the Temple Site in Langley. We had a Picnic Dinner, Collected Rocks to Make our very own little Temple and took a family Photo. I love this tree but rumor has it that it will be cut down. The Tree is basically standing almost exactly where the front doors to the temple will be. So, it is fitting that we had our photo taken there and in 2 yrs we will take it again. So this picture is looking out from where the front doors will be.

We are looking forward to the building of our Temple. It will be nice to not have to travel 3hrs as we do now to the nearest temple in Seattle, WA.

Monday, July 30, 2007

{Town Celebration}

We had a busy but FUN Saturday. We started the day with a parade to celebrate the town that we live in. Big C was pleased that there were no clowns this year, she hates clowns. After the parade we went to the Stake Pioneer Picnic put on by our church. It was a fun afternoon with great food and fun. The kids ran and played hard.

We then headed home and did a home clean up to prepare for Sunday before we headed out to the fireworks. My dad joined us and we had fun walking around the fair. Grandpa bought the girls there Cotton Candy so they were set.

The bagpipes are always a favorite for us!!

Mr.E had a blast just waving his little Canadian Flag. He is so patriotic.

Later in the evening we went to the Fair and Fireworks. As we were walking we came across this masked man, lol, who goes to school with Big C. She was excited to watch the fireworks with her friend. They chatted about the upcoming Grade 1 adventure and practiced spelling their names while waiting for the fireworks to start.

Grandma arrived in a nick of time.

Mr.E loved the fireworks we were amazed. He was sleeping when they started and then soon woke up and stayed in this position for the rest of the show.

{A new do}

Sniff Sniff ok I know he really needed a hair cut. Why do moms get so attached to there baby's HAIR? It seems wierd but I am one of them. Daddy decided he REALLY needed a trim so I did my best to have FAITH that he would do a good job. I must say he did not a bad job on my little guy. It does need to be blended a bit but all in all we can see his eyes more now.

Friday, July 27, 2007

{Berry Picking}

Last week I was feeling adventurous. So I took my kids berry picking. I strapped Mr.E on to my back and gave the girls each a bucket. We headed off to the field and to the row that we were assigned. The girls thought this was great especially cause they got to snack along the way. They would pick a berry and then ask me "mom is this one ok?" i would reply "yes that is ok". I think that was our conversation on almost EVERY berry they picked. They did good for the first 1/2 of the row and then they were DONE. But I pushed them onward in the name of JAM. Eventually I had to put Mr. E down he was killing my back. He did great though, he just sat in the back pack watching his mom and sisters working hard.

We managed to get all the way down and back on our row, so we did good. We brought the berries home and I made some jam using SPLENDA. It is awesome jam and for those Weight Watchers gals out there it is very LOW LOW points, so low I don't even count them. tee hee.

The girls had fun and had lots to tell daddy when he came home. After the berry picking we went to the zoo for an hour to take a train ride and have some french fries.

Next, we plan to go and pick Blueberries mmmmmmm bring on those YOUTHFUL berries.

Splenda Jam

4 cups of crushed berries
1 pkg No sugar Pectin
1 Cup unsweetened Apple Juice
1 1/2 cup of Splenda (I used only 1 cup, 1 1/2 was too much for my taste)

Bring Berries and Pectin and Juice to a boil, stirring lots. Add Sugar or substitute stirring often. Keep on a Rolling Boil for about 3 minutes. Remove from heat and skim off the foam. Add processed berries to jars. Place jars in a Hot Water Bath for about 10 minutes. Remove and let them sit with towel covering the jars and wait for them to POP (seal).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

{A day at the Beach}

What better way to spend a HOT summer day than to go to the Beach. We are so blessed to live in Beautiful British Columbia. We are only 30 minutes from this beautiful beach in White Rock, and then we are also only 30 minutes to wonderful mountain trails and views. I love living here!! If you ever get a chance to visit DO, it is amazing. We had this wonderful family day about 2 weeks ago.

The kids had a blast searching for seashells and crabs. Mommy got to have a little nap on the beach...can you say HEAVEN. Oh YAAAAAAAA!!

We arrived just as the tide was turning to come back in. I find it so amazing how it just does that. We waded around in the water. Sean and the girls swam in the ocean, something that i will not do. I just can't stand sea water in my mouth...YUCK!! But I will walk around in it.

OK OK I know what you are going to say: "SOMEONE GIVE THAT BOY A HAIRCUT!!" Well he has had a hair cut, which daddy gave him, We can now see more of those beautiful blue eyes he has.

This was a cute moment. All three of my kids in the igloo tent eating snacks. Mr.E was soon removed after the picture was taken. Hello Choking Hazard!!! lol

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

{Sunset and Roses}

Last Friday (updated: 2 friday's ago) we decided to do a date with the kids. We headed out to Burnaby Mountain to enjoy a short hike and the sunset. It really is one of the best places in BC to watch the sunset. There are always loads of people at night to view the spectacular display. It also so happens that on Burnaby Mountain was when my husband asked me to be his girlfriend, and there is a restaurant up there that we celebrated our 5yr anniversary at 3yrs ago.

Daddy being silly, he always knows how to make the kids laugh.

After the sun had set we went for another walk. They have the most amazing rose garden. So fragrant and beautiful. The girls enjoyed smelling ALL the flowers and of course with each one we heard "MOMMY MOMMY DADDY DADDY come smell this one."

It was a lovely evening and one that I am sure we will repeat.

Monday, July 23, 2007

{Diva Party}

The girls were invited to there BF's Diva Birthday Party at the beginning of July. They were so pumped to go to her party. They got to put on their pretty princess dresses.

I think I had as much fun as the girls. They got to get their hair done, make body glitter, get their nails and makeup done, and play hairstylist with the Maniquins. Little C took ALOT of convincing to participate in the makeover stuff, which is strange cause she is such a girly girl. After MOMMY bribing her that she could watch Little mermaid she finally caved in.

They were true Diva's and were treated as such. After they had their little makeovers done they went for a walk in Historic Ft. Langley. That is when there TRUE diva emerged. They waved to their adoring fans that drove by and blew kisses at the cute drivers lol.

Am I ready for my little girls to grow up NO WAY!! I have to get a shot gun first.

{Just Jeeping around}

For a girls night me, A and T went out for SUSHI of course. T has a jeep and it was super fun. She took the top off for us (on the jeep sicko) and off we went. WOW was that windy. She is such a cool girl and FYI she is single. tee hee.

Me and A loved it. I had never been in a jeep with the top down before so it was a new experience. Tonnes of fun. We were such a bunch of Hot Mommas let me tell ya. Just take a look at these photos. ;-)

{ Year End Cub Scouts}


Finally we got a monitor for MY computer. Thanks to D&A.

Ok so I have lots of updating to do so bare with me and all the posts.

I had a year end Cub Fire at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately not all the scouts could make it but I still managed to make them a cool little end of year gift.

So here it is. I bought them a Camping Mug and put a package of Hot Chocolate, waterproof matches and Gum inside. On the tag I put, "DO YOUR BEST TO HAVE A GREAT SUMMER".

Thursday, July 12, 2007

{Kids Say}


Last night was HOT HOT HOT so the kids were up late cause they could not sleep. So we were watching last comic standing. Hubby and I are busting a gut and my oldest, who is 5, turns to daddy and says. "Daddy you could be on that show, you are very funny" How sweet is that. I love seeing my daughters love for there daddy. My middle child often will introduce her daddy like so: "This is my daddy he fixes things!" or "This is my daddy he opens things" It is so sweet. They look up to him so much and I LOVE it.

About a week ago the girls saw the first star of a night. So we did the wish song and the girls each made a wish. CDB, Middle child, wished that the sun would come back. CNB, oldest, wished for a better guitar just her size. The next morning CNB was sad to not see the guitar, i explained that some wishes take time. CDB was excited to see the SUN. So today after some very hot days and another one on the way, my CNB says; "oh mom I know why it is so hot, cause CDB wished for the sun to come back so that is why it keeps coming back." lol she has such great logic.

I love how there minds work... CONSTANTLY.
Anyway, just a few little stories to brighten your day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{Pure JOY}

Ok so since I can not blog stuff that requires my photos at the moment. Let me share what I found through a Melanie's Blog which i now STALK.

Ok, so there is a blog called The Pioneer Woman Cooks. She has a Peach Cobbler recipe on there to die for. You MUST not MAYBE but MUST check it out. Oh boy it looks sooooooo yummy. She does step by step photos and instructions, it is seriously dummy proof.

I know of some of you that will LOVE this site. Tricia, Lisa, Angie, Amberlee...

I just love BLOGS if you have not been able to tell?

Monday, July 9, 2007


I am lost without MY computer. How did i get so dependant on it? It has only been 3yrs that I have had it.

This weekend my monitor gave it up!! It is FRIED. boo hoo, what can you expect when you buy your computer from Superstore. lol Actually it was been a good system considering and the only thing that has broke on me is the Monitor. So I have been using my husbands laptop. Not the same. I need my files, my bookmarks my pictures. sniff sniff. Feel sorry for me yet.

Not sure when we will get a new monitor but hopefully it won't be long as I work from home on the computer as well. So I can no find my USB cable which means I can NOT upload pictures. ;-( Now I KNOW you feel sorry for me. And I have some good pics to blog. I bet you are eager to see them now.

Anyways so for the time being I am blogging with sniff sniff no pictures. Talk to ya all soon.

Friday, July 6, 2007

{Splishing, Splashing and Slipping}

July 4th, 2007

Today we met up with our dear friends the Price's at the Waterpark.

The kids love to RUN around and play under all the sprinklers. Now when I say SLIPPING, there was MAJOR slipping going on. Kids like to run but parts of the pavement are painted so therefore slippery. We must have seen at least a dozen kids slip, fall and cry, including our own.

All in all it was a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. It so happened to be Miss J's birthday but her party is not until Monday. I will blog that later cause it is going to be SOOOOOO much fun.

{Zoo Time}

July 3rd, 2007

Today we went to the ZOO!! It is just down the street and we have not been for almost 2 yrs. So I bit the bullet and purchased a years pass. It is soooo worth it.

So there was a bunch of us that went and if you can believe it there were 5 moms, 1 Grandma and 15 CHILDREN. YA you heard me 15 CHILDREN. WOW!! It is pretty cool when you think about it on a more spiritual level. At least 3 of them were in strollers.

So we made our way around the park and then ended back at the playground for lunch, playing and chatting.

I love this zoo. It is a nice place just to walk around and spend the day. You can bring a picnic lunch and just relax. Lots of fun. We are looking forward to many more visits over the summer and fall.

This guy was so friendly. I think he is really just mis understood.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

{Canada Day/Weekend}

Well we have had a very very busy weekend. Where to begin...?

Friday night we had the P's kids over so that mom could get some much needed time away. The kids played till late and had lots of fun. It is so wonderful to have friends close by to share babysitting. We love the P's and have so much fun with them. Our kids love there kids and so we have become like family.

Saturday we went to the Airport for Canada Day Celebrations. Canada Day is on July 1st but due to it being on Sunday we participated in the activities on Saturday. The city put on a great family event. The only problem was that I did the one thing NO blogging mum should EVER do...I forgot the Camera!! ahhhhh I was devastated especially every time I saw a great photo op and realized oh wait no camera. AHHHHHHHHHH. Oh ya and the camera was in the Diaper Bag which I also forgot at home. Mannnnnnnn, at least I had the bottle and Mr E was full when we left so water was fine for him when needed.

For $5 the kid could go on ANY ride there and there were 18 of them. Little C went on ONE ride TWICE.... what, she is my spitfire, my daredevil, my danger girl, but she wanted NOTHING to do with the rides. While my oldest C was all over the rides, LOVED them and tryed soooo hard to get little C to go on them with no luck. Sheeesh!! so Big C went on them by herself but she seemed ok with that. It was a fun afternoon and the kids really had fun. We came home cleaned up and they were off to bed....NICE.

Sunday after Church we went to my Mom's camp site to stay over. They have a great little spot on the river. My Aunt and Uncle were there as well. We had a very scrumptious Roast Beef dinner all done over the fire. IT WAS YUMMERS. Then of course the kids did marshmellows at night. Hubby and the girls slept in our lil tent while Me and the Babe slept in my moms Motorhome. We have a MONGO tent but did not want to spend the effort setting it up for one night. The Next morning we had a yummy Bacon and Egg Breakfast which hit the spot.

After breakfast, my OTHER Aunt and Uncle Stopped by on there way home from visiting the Coast. It was so nice to see them. I don't get enough opportunties to visit them. It was a very short visit because then we were off to TEA POT HILL. I just love that name for a HILL it is so cute.

We got ready and started to head up the HILL I mean MOUNTAIN. My Hubby said it was EASY but his version of EASY is for some reason not the same as mine. lol. But I figured if my 5 and 3 yr old can do it so can I. Up and Down with some stops it took us 3 hrs. Not to bad. It was fun as long as we did not stop for too long or else the Mosquitoes would get us. The view from the Top was SPECTACULAR. You could see the entire Lake and the surrounding mountains. I love views like that after hiking and making the effort to climb up a MOUNTAIN, it is such a reward. Mr.E , was in the backpack and loved it, as long as daddy kept moving. Every time we stopped he would whimper and as soon as we got moving he would coooo and giggle and laugh.

After our hike we went over to my Dad's for a Turkey Dinner. It was just what we needed after a long day of hiking. yum yum. Then we came home and we smelt BAD BAD BAD. So the kids had baths and got put to bed, we unloaded the van and had showers. Watched a bit of TV and then off to bed.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell.