Friday, June 29, 2007

{Last Day Of Kindergarten}

I can hardly believe that my DD is all done Kindergarten and is now going into Grade 1. How fast time goes once they start school. She is really becoming a little miss. She LOVED kindergarten but is soooooo excited about Grade 1 and that she will be able to have LUNCH at school. Yeah, my girl knows what is important!!

So I had to take some photos since I had one of her on her first day we had to have one on the last day. The purple shirt is from the first day of school and the white one is on the LAST day of school. She has truly grown up so much since Sept. and has learnt so much.

She was so excited to give her teacher her gift and Mrs. B was excited to get it as you can tell by the look on her face. lol. For the gift we bought colourful water bottles and filled them with Crystal Light, Hand Cream, Gum, Lip Balm and of course Chocolate. Attached a card a voila teacher gift done.

So of course we can not end school without giving each of the kids a little treat for the summer. Each bag had a piece of sidewalk chalk, gum, Koolaid and a gummie candy. The kids loved them. I am sure the parents loved me filling there kids up with sugar too. tee hee.

Mrs. B was a great teacher and truley loved and cared about each of the kids. On Fridays CB had Mrs. D as her teacher, hence why there were 2 teacher gifts. Mrs. D is going to another school next year so we won't be seeing her again. But CB will get to visit Mrs. B in the mornings during the 1st week of school next year.

It was a great year, I met some great new moms and CB made some new little friends. It was nice talking with the other moms as we waited for our little ones to be done class. We would let them play in the park for about 20mins after school to burn some energy before heading home for lunch. I am gonna miss those afternoons but gonna love being able to stay in my PJ's a bit longer in the morning. ;-)

Looking forward to a fun summer!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

{Happy Birthday}

Sunday was my Step Mom's birthday!! She is from Belarus (sp?) and a tradition for her is when it is YOUR birthday you put on YOUR own party. So, she did. There was lots of good eating as there always is. EB had his first taste of watermelon. WOW did he like that!!

It was a fun time. The kids played downstairs in Grandpa's basement, there is lots to discover down there!!. The grown ups stayed up stairs socializing and eating. Luda received some wonderful presents. We got her a new Lunch bag and some Garden knee pads. She was REALLY needing a new insulated lunch bag so it was a good pick.

{Fathers Day}

Can you tell I am way behind on my Blogging. lol
We spent the day at my Dad's for dinner and together time.

The girls each picked out some HOT SAUCE for Daddy as a father's day gift. Daddy LOVES hot sauce!!

It was a fun relaxing day and the kids loved taking care of daddy and grandpa on their special day.

{Group Date}

Sushi Night with friends!! Need I say more. Mmmmmmmmm. The planning started about a month and 1/2 ago. CR started the hype by wanting to go for sushi and from there it was easy to find a bunch who wanted to go. Although some not as brave as others we all had lots to eat and it was GOOOOOOOOOOD!! I love sushi as many of you might know.

We started the event on facebook and the planning began. Babysitters were not so easy to find as we all needed sitters and all pull from the same resource...Church. lol. But most of us managed to get one. We spent about 2 hrs at the restaurant and then some of us went to the movies. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was great and made our night very late. I felt like I was 16 again. tee heee.

Little did we know we were secretly video taped at sushi.... JP!! He is a sneaky fellow, at least non of us were doing anything to be worried about.

Great night, Great Food, Great Friends... Can't wait to do it again soon.

{Sports Day}

Lots of updating to do. Finally got my camera back.

My DD had her first sports day. She was sooo excited, she loves to RUN.
The day started a bit damp but it did not affect the kids in the slightest. I stood on the side lines cheering her green team on in true mommy fashion. Everytime she finished a relay she would look over at me and give me a big THUMBS UP and I would give one back to her. Now because she is only in Kindergarten, there were no ribbons, there were no WINNING teams, just good old FUN followed with a Hot Dog lunch.

It was a fun filled day for the kids.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

{Birthday Fun}

Ok I know, WHERE HAVE I BEEN. Well I have not gone anywhere, it is just that I left my camera at my parents house and have yet to get it. SOOOOO how can I post on my blog without pictures lol. So I am doing things a bit out of order. I have some stuff to blog about but it will not be chronological and will have to wait until I get my camera back.

Tuesday was AO's birthday and her darling hubby set up a BBQ at the park. It was tonnes of fun, great food and a park for the kids to play at. Can you believe that NON of us brought a camera, so the AO's DH ran home to get one. Thanks DO!!

I was a bit stumped as to what to get this sweetheart, so what better than CHOCOLATE. And knowing AO, I knew chocolate was the answer. lol

So here is a great little gift that is sure to please the recipient if you ever need something unique.

Go buy a bunch of chocolate bars from wherever, get one giant poster board, a permanent marker and some tape. Then do a rough copy first. Write out what you want to say. Then space out the bars on the board as best as you think they will fit and fill in the words. Then tape down the chocolate, be generous with the tape so they don't fall off. VOILA you have a great unique card/gift in one.

I was in charge of the yummy ice cream from the best dairy I have ever been too. MMMMMMM. Shall it be Vanilla or French Vanilla, either or go best with Chocolate Cake.

Sorry the pics are not that clear, I scammed them off AO's Facebook.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

{June Visiting Teaching}

For those that might not know. Once a month I go out with another lady to visit ladies in our church. It is a way to friendship and to help them with whatever they may stand in need of. I am assigned 3 ladies to visit. It is always a nice visit and an opportunity to make new friendships.

So this month, as I try each month, I made them a little gift. I wanted to give them something they could use for the warmer temperatures that we hope are soon to arrive.

I picked up some Freezer mugs at Superstore for $1, YIPEE. Then I put some Jelly beans in a cone bag and added a package of crystal light. What could be more refreshing? I admire Heather D White for all of the wonderful things she makes each month for her Visiting Teaching Routes and she always has great ideas so check her out. I added a little un attached tag so they can put it on their Fridge as a little motivation for the month.

OK, I am off to deliver them now.


OK do you ever have those times that you KNOW you were guided in decisions? I did yesterday. I packed up my kids for a day at Chuckey Cheese with my dear friend Tricia and her kids. We got to the end of the street and I had some options. I could go left or I could go right to get to my destination. Both probably equal traveling time. Left is FASTER cause you can drive faster but Right there are not as many lights and less traffic. SOOOO, I decided to go RIGHT.

So on my way I got behind some slow moving vehicles, Got stuck behind a train and so that made me about 20 minutes late.(SRY TRICIA). As I pull in to CC, The radio announcer comes on, if I had turned left and driven for about 1 minute I would have either been in an accident, witnessed an accident or been trapped by the accident. The road was closed. I just felt it was a blessing.

Too often we do not recognize these things and this one just stuck out to me. I am so grateful for that still small voice.

We had a great time at CC. I love that I don't have to ALWAYS be on my kids there. I know that they can not escape out the door with anyone but ME. So we spent $20 in total for food and tokens and we were good for 3 hrs, not bad. The kids ran and ran and they even figured out that if a ride was moving and no kid was on it that it was FREE game. I am so proud lol. They even won enough tickets for each of the kids to take home a little prize, and I mean LITTLE. lol

I don't have any pictures so TRICIA if those pics turned out NICE then can you post them?

Monday, June 11, 2007

{Anniversary Part B}

So Friday my darling husband had the idea that we would go on an overnight trip together. First one we have ever done with no kids.

He got home from work and my AMAZING friend Angie offered to watch all 3 of my kids. Yes all three and she has 4 of her own. She was my lifesaver. It was nice a convenient as we both live in the same townhouse complex. She is amazing and is a wonderful mom so I knew my kids were in GOOD loving hands.

So we finally got on the road at about 5:45 only to find a 1 hours wait at the boarder. We were heading down to Bellevue Washington to go to the LDS Temple. We were married in a Temple in Cardston. So it was a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. We made it down and arrived around 8:20. We had a great trip down talking with each other and just having time together. I did catch myself checking the back of the van now and again... Habit.

So we went to the temple for about 1 hr and took some pictures. It looks so beautiful at night all lit up. I can't wait for when our temple is built here. (only 15mins away). Anyway, we then went to our Hotel and checked in then off to search for a place to eat. We eventually settled on Apple Bees, I know not fancy but great none the less. They even have a Weight Watchers Menue, LOVE IT.

We headed back to our hotel and yadda yadda yadda we got up in the morning and went back to the temple. We then did a little shopping and started to make our way back home. But a trip to the temple is not complete without a stop to the Ed & Aileen Dairy. mmmmmmmmmmmm love that place. We picked up some ice cream for us and our dear friends who watched our kids.

It was a great trip and so nice to have that time with each other.

One Funny little side note. On Friday I explained to Miss C my oldest that it was our anniversary and that mommy and daddy had been married for 8yrs. So, Angie comes and picks her up for school and gets in the van. She says to Angie: "It is my mom and dad's anniversary and they have been married 18yrs!!" Angie: "LOL your mom and dad must be OLD" Too Cute.

Friday, June 8, 2007

{Happy Anniversary Part A}

Today is our 8yr Anniversary. Where did the time go?

As I lay in bed this morning I though about what I was doing 8 yrs ago. Getting ready to be sealed to my husband for Time and all Eternity in the Cardston LDS Temple. It was a slightly sunny day and I remember it being VERY windy. We had all our immediate family present for the special day and my Bishop was in town so he made the trip to our sealing.

After the Ceremony we went to Cobble Stone Manor for Dinner. It was a nice OLD building rich in heritage. We enjoyed a lovely dinner. While we were in cardston we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast which was able to accommodate all of our family.

After Dinner Sean and I headed to Waterton Park for our mini Honeymoon. We stayed in a beautiful suite. The next morning we returned to Cardston and then headed back home to BC.

One week later we had a ring ceremony in Langley, a ring ceremony is just that we exchange our wedding rings in front of our extended family and friends. Following the ceremony we had a lovely reception. My colours were Soft Yellow and Green.

Thennnnnn, 1 week later we had a reception in Manitoba for Sean's family and friends. It was much smaller but just as lovely. It gave me a chance to see where he grew up and to meet some of his close friends.

So, in a nut shell what was our special day 8 yrs ago. I was lucky enough to get to wear my wedding dress 3 times.

In the past 8yrs we have had some very happy times. We have lived in 2 homes together, had 3kids and have seen many of our dear friends get married as well. I love married life, I would much prefer going through life with a partner than not having that one person to count on.

I love my husband dearly, he cares for me and values me. He is a wonderful father and has fun with life. I am truly blessed and lucky to have him forever.

Monday, June 4, 2007

{Relay for Life}

We had a wonderful Saturday. We spent the day at the Relay for Life, to raise money for Cancer research. It is such a fun event, they have TONNES of activities for the kids, yummy food and Entertainment.

This is our second year being involved with this event. Let me tell ya, it is moving. You just feel so wonderful supporting this cause and to see those that have beat cancer is wonderful. We do this to honor my uncle who passed away just over a year ago to a Brain Tumor. We also have a Step Grandma who is battling cancer at this time. I don't think there is ANYONE who is not touched by cancer. The sad thing to me was that OVER 50% of cancers are PREVENTABLE. So, that means it comes from life style and environment.

My Oldest Daughter participated in the .5k run for kids. She did great, it is one entire lap around the track. Off she went and did not quit, that's my girl. She is going to do it again next year to see if she can beat her time. She was so proud of herself and her BLUE ribbon.

One tradition that they have are the Luminairs. It is soooo moving. You purchase these for $5, all proceeds go to the cancer society, and then you write someones name on the bag. ie. in memory of .... A candle is placed in the bag and they are lit at night while people walk around the track. I walked around the track looking at all the names of people who did not win their fight with cancer and it made me realize that what I was doing was important.

We look forward to this event next year and we hope to raise more money.

Friday, June 1, 2007

{New Furniture}

After 8 years of only having 1 couch we finally bought a set. We started searching Craigs List. If you have never been on it you HAVE to check it out. I truly believe we are a society that tosses stuff away way before it is DONE. I found this set on the list and with friend in hand we went to take a look at it. It is 9yrs old but in very good condition for its age. My Hubby and I love plaid, I am soooo greatful that we have the same taste. It makes life a lot easier because we agree on soooo many things. As soon as I showed my DH the pictures he said YEP let's get those.

Soooooo, As we are standing in this strangers living room looking at there furniture, my darling friend Tricia asks "how firm are you on the price" love ya Tricia. They were asking $150 for Couch, love seat, Chair and ottoman, so good deal regardless. They ask "what are you thinking" Tricia says: "I was thinking $100" and they say "ya sure". Come AGAIN, we were SHOCKED cause we LOW BALLED them. Anyway I was a happy camper to say the least. An ENTIRE living room set for $100...INSANE.

So I have the furniture now and I don't know where we are going to store our other couch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my other couch but the problem has been that it is ripping, the fabric is splitting and it is only 4 yrs old. sniffle sniffle. I love the colours of it and how BRIGHT it is. So I want to keep it so I can maybe fix it up down the road when we get into a bigger home. I am having seperation Anxiety can't you tell. I think we will be able to find a place to store it and that would make me SOOOOOOO HAPPY!! Did I mention I LOVE IT. Anyway, my new stuff is Super nice and now I have more seating for all of those friends that Always come over. Hint Hint.

The Ottoman is hiding in the photo...oops.

{Me and My Girls}

The girls like to get there photos taken so of course I can help them with that. So we all laid down on the carpet, they looked at me strange when I was trying to tell them what to do. lol. They got it eventually.

So here is are little photo shoot and of course there has to be a little silliness. I sure love my little darlings.